Building a Dream- Our Beautiful First Chapter !!!

So, I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to think of something that might interest you guys.  Something that I could keep ongoing, and it hit me.  The answer is right there!  You see, we bought a small, beautiful, tree covered, plot of land not long ago, with the intent to clear out only what was necessary to help the remaining trees become stronger until we could add more land and pick a place to build a house.  We’re going at it slowly, knowing that it will be a few years before we can start the build, but the transformation each time is astounding anyway.  The trees we make room for are growing quickly and straight, and grass is beginning to grow now that sunlight can reach it.  And it is beautiful.  It is truly my happy place.

I’ll start sharing photos of my future forever home, along with updates and progress reports.  Any tips, hints, tricks, or suggestions are MORE than welcome!  So far, here’s our plan:

  1. Purchase land to add to ours, to make a nice large lot for our home.
  2. As soon as we can afford it, get electricity set up.
  3. Continue to slowly clear until we decide where our home will go.

And really, that’s all we’ve got for now lol.  Keep it simple, right?  I really wish I had taken pictures before we started at all, but I guess from this point on will have to do, right?  At least I have some from a few months back!  Enjoy, and I hope you all enjoy my little updates!


My “pot stache” HAHA!




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