Daily Funnies!! Woohoo it’s Friday! Yas!!

Welcome to our Funnies!   I figured that with all the craziness both in life and in the world, we forget at times to laugh.  Even if it’s about the smallest things.

Laughing is healthy and besides, who in the hell wants to be serious all the time!  So, with that being said, I think that this quote sums up the crazy week I feel we all had.

We need to start the weekend off right!

Amen my brothers and sisters!   Enjoy your weekend!   And tell me in the blog comments what makes you laugh and if we should keep this as a regular feature on the blog!

Sssssh… Don’t sin too much.  Ok, I’m lying. Sin a lot, but be responsible, we don’t need to bail anyone out of jail or for anyone to get hurt ! hahahah

xoxo!! Shell


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