This week’s WWW features Deer.  Keep in mind, you’re likely to see a few other critters, as well!  Deer are beautiful and fun to watch and feel like a Fall animal to me.  Here are Five Fun Facts about our stars!

  1. Deer can, ahem, POOP while bedded down, but they have to stand up if they need to urinate.
  2. Bucks will lose up to a quarter of their body weight while chasing doe during the rut.
  3. There are over 90 species of deer across the world.
  4. Deer are herbivores.
  5. Deer are also destructive!  They tear things up during their rut and while trying to rub the velvet off of the tier horns.  Just ask my swing’s awning, my solar lights, and a couple of bent over trees …

You can find the posters of this week’s video on their website, Facebook, YouTube, or Patreon!  Enjoy!


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