My First Stitch Fix!

So, my mom, who is super stylish and cool, recently signed up for Stitch Fix, a fashion delivery service. Once a month, or however often you select, a box of 5 items arrives at your door, personalized for you by your stylist, who uses a style profile you fill out upon enrollment, Pinterest boards you show them,  pretty much any social media link you give them to get to know you. It’s also a cool thing that they style men, too!

There is a $20 fee that goes with each shipment.  Should you choose to keep even one item, that fee goes toward your payment.  If you return everything, it remains as the stylist’s fee.  They gotta get paid somehow, right?

Items can include Jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, scarves, shoes, jewellery, sweaters – Pretty much anything fashion related!

Included in the box is a prepaid envelope so that you can send back anything you do not wish to keep, and you simply log in to pay for what you DO want, and give some feedback to your stylist, so that they get closer to “you” in future fixes.

There are a few reasons that  I decided to give this a try:
1.  I have anxiety, and large crowds aren’t exactly my cup of tea.  This way, I can try on the clothes at my leisure, and without freaking out that people are watching me (even though they’re totally not!).
2.  I get overwhelmed when there are tons of clothes in front of me, and I generally give up before I actually find something.
3.  My husband, y’all.  He only agrees to go to two stores, one of which carries a small selection of ill-fitting clothes, and the other only carries sports clothes.  So, yeah.
4.  Again, my husband, y’all.  He sighs, and moans, and groans when I’ve been browsing for a whole 3 minutes.  I think he’ll much prefer this lol!

Now, I’ve heard mixed reviews about Stitch Fix.  Some people (like my mama) absolutely LOVED their boxes, while others seemed to have a stylist who just didn’t get them.  Since my first stylist fee was waived because I signed up through a friend’s referral link, I figured, hey, what’ve I got to lose? If I don’t like it, I’ll just return it!  And, ladies?  I LOVE IT!!!

I was super excited and nervous when the box arrived at my door this morning, and plopped it on my bed to start opening it.

First thing I looked at was this giant boho bag that I am going to use ALL THE FLIPPING TIME!


Next up was this shirt, which is so completely my style that I suspect my stylist may be stalking me.

This sweater was not so much me. In fact, I kinda hated it.  Then, I tried it on and itwasn’t so bad.  My husband loves it!  DALLAS COWBOY COLORS, BABY!!  Still, I would have sent it back, but there’s a discount for keeping everything.  In this case, the discount came to $74 off the total, so this is well worth keeping!

This cardigan, you guys!  I have an obsession with them, and have a couple already.  But this one?  This is thicker and will actually keep me warm against more than just a cold breeze.  And  I am so madly in love with it. The best BEST part?  IT HAS POCKETS!!!

Now, for the grand finale:  THESE JEANS!   Oh.  My. Agawd.  It is so hard for me to find jeans that actually fit well and look nice, and these?  These fit like they were made specifically for me.  After years of NOT having pants that fit because my belly pushes them down, I almost cried at this perfection.  They’re a lot more than I would prefer to spend on a pair of jeans, but let’s face it, a good pair of quality jeans isn’t cheap.  Maybe that’s been my problem all along…

The total cost of my first box, keeping everything, was $222.  And here is the obligatory fashion show.  Sorry I couldn’t be a prettier model LOL!


In closing, I am definitely a fan of Stitch Fix! My stylist, Erin C, is now my best friend, whether she knows it or not lol.  I want to make it clear that I was NOT paid for this review, I did NOT get a discount for it.  Actually, they even know I did this at all!  All links to the site are with my referral code, and I think you get your first stylist fee waived if you sign up through it.  I’m not for sure, that may have been a limited time thing, it may be an all the time thing lol. ANYWHO!  I can definitely say that I am impressed and highly recommend Stitch Fix!


With love and (finally) a bit of style,


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