Foodie Friday – Chicken Salad- A Delicious and Healthy Treat


Chicken Salad is a great summertime treat for lunch, dinner or to take to a potluck. There are many variations of Chicken Salad you can make, but the basic recipe is:

Chicken salad with apple pieces and nuts on top of lettuce. One of the variations of Chicken Salad!
  • Diced, cooked chicken chunks
  • Chopped celery
  • Chopped onion
  • Seedless grapes, white or purple
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Pepper


I didn’t suggest any measurements here because you can determine the amounts you need for your family or size of dish you are taking for a potluck.


Place the cooled chicken chunks in a bowl. Mix the other ingredients together and pour over the chicken chunks and blend together.


You can add almond slices or pecans for a crunchy treat, hard boiled sliced egg or lemon juice to the mixture for added flavor.  Also, use low fat mayonnaise for a healthier treat.


Chicken salad can be served with bread for sandwiches, on a leaf of lettuce for a nice summertime treat or as a side dish with dinner or at a potluck. I’ve never seen a chicken salad that didn’t get demolished at a potluck or graduation party.


Chicken salad can also be economical. Who couldn’t use a little economical help these days? Grocery stores often have chicken on sale, so when it is, purchase a large amount of it. Then have a cooking day and make a large batch of Chicken Salad. Place a big bowl in your fridge for easy access. Your family will grab it for a quick lunch and when you need a last minute side dish, it will be there. You can also divide it up into smaller portions for a quick lunch on the go.


Another great way to serve chicken salad is to put it in a tortilla wrap, in pita bread or over crackers as a yummy appetizer. Oh and don’t forget about serving it in a croissant for a beautiful and tasty lunch.

Chicken salad is better for you than potato salad, different and I think it’s “prettier”. It’s great for picnics, graduation parties, and open houses, 4th of July celebrations, taking to the beach in a cooler, potlucks or any time you want to serve a nice, cool dish. In a clear serving dish, it also makes a pretty presentation, especially if you add purple grapes.




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