Happy Holidays ! Shell’s Decked The Halls!

The Holidays Are Here!!

I truly love this time of year! It’s a special time for traditions, (both old and new) the food, but most of all, getting together with family and friends.

I meant to post this two weeks ago, however, I have been on a crazy sales deadline for work that has had me working 12 hr days of late.  So forgive me, thank god  , that is over!!!

Here’s a small photo essay  of how I decorated our home this year.

I am totally proud of the fact, that I literally did this all by myself.   Since my aunt and mom don’t get around as great as they used  to, (they actually were a bunch of fun by supervising and keeping me company)  I decided to go for a silver and gold theme for the most part in our living and dining room.

A lot of things, for example, the gold ornaments are glass and have been in our family for YEARS!  They were purchased by my late grandmother.  We have tons of ornaments  around the house  passed down by her as a reminder  that she’s always with us.  I used a lot of the gold ornaments on our tree with the new silver ones I purchased at Target.

At our Target, there is literally a whole part of their store dedicated to CHRISTMAS called the Wondershop.  (and no, this is not an advertisement).

Target has a TON of quality decor at budget friendly prices.  I stocked up  on enough decorations  to give me even a BETTER idea of what to do for next year. (Yes, I’m one of these people I guess)   If you have a Target near you,  check out their holiday section! What a bunch of fun it is!

The nativity set  was given to us by my cousin Alvin when he was stationed in Germany many years ago.

(isn’t it pretty?)

I treasure these glass ornaments. They were purchased by my late grandmother and I used several on our main tree.

I am tree obsessed. We don’t just have one tree… but four!!  One big one and three  smaller ones.


Two on our piano and one  in the kitchen (which isn’t pictured) and another is in our family room.


Isn’t she pretty?? She’s brand new !  The photo doesn’t do her justice, but she’s Rose Gold!

I have multi colored  lights on the stairs and on the outside of the house (I promise, I’ll get a picture and post it on my Instagram the link of which is here!  Bare with me,  it’s been a crazy few months for me. Things are FINALLY slowing down a bit .  LOL)


How did you decorate your home this year??


Happy Holidays from everyone on The Scoop!! Thanks so much for reading my little blog about things I like and care about.   There is a lot more to come!!!  xo- Shell





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