#Metoo ! Let’s get FEARLESS AF !

Hello my fearless ones!  It’s been soooo long since I have actually posted a blog post. I wanted to share my #Metoo story for a bit,  but this is actually  the first weekend, that I have been able to sit down  and compose my thoughts.

And, I have a lot to say.  Shocking,  huh?   LOL.

Actually, the reason for my absence, which I apologize for is due to getting a pretty big promotion at work,  coupled with my aging aunt’s health issues.  She actually had gone in for one surgery, and she has another to go in a couple of weeks.   (Need good vibes please! )

My aunt is literally my second mother.   When I was little,  it’d be either  her or my grandmother that would pick me up from the bus stop, take me to my  various dance classes, doctor’s appointments and piano lessons while my mother went to work and finished college.

Over the years, she and I have had a bunch of fun, clashed at times, but most of all what I learned from her is to be fearless.

As an adult in my mid-forties, I honor and treasure the discussions we have. They are about life, food and just  plain old general advice.

Earlier, this week as we played the waiting game for her turn in the surgery room, we talked about the Harvey Weinstein  situation and what that meant to her as she was molested herself.

I had heard the story from her before. She was assaulted as a child by a person  who should have been her greatest protector… Her father.  My late grandfather.

When my grandmother found out, she threw him out and began to raise six kids by herself.  My dear  aunt Gert, if you have ever met her, isn’t the type to share things like this.  She is private that way,  but she did tell at that time the RIGHT  people.   She knows and hopes that by me writing this post,  that others continue to share their stories. Because people should.

Back in her era and even in some cases now,  people were and are scared of being shamed,  made fun of and in some cases,  career ending.

If some of you readers are wondering who Harvey Weinstein is, he was a high level studio executive  who over two decades allegedly harassed and assaulted several well-known actresses including Mira Sorvino, Ashley Judd and Asia Argento while using his influence to destroy and discredit their careers.

If you want details, here is NBC journalist’s , Ronan Farrow’s excellent piece in the New Yorker, you can click  it here.

If you want to see an example of predatory behavior ,  Farrow was threatened with a lawsuit while writing his  piece.  You can check that out here.

She encouraged me to share my story.  Without going into a ton of details, about 2 years ago,  I was cyber stalked and bullied by a guest actor on a TV show because I refused to share that I knew he had tried to get someone fired  due to him not liking this person.

When I didn’t,  he tried to get me fired as well.   As well as talk about myself and others at conventions and try to discredit us when we came forward even sending us Cease and Desist letters demanding us to stop.

With all of the awful   #metoo stories coming out, this individual suddenly came back with a vengeance and began playing the blame game assaulting  us on social media all over again and attempting to discredit us.

I am disgusted.  I am tired of this.   I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone again.  Who is with me?

My aunt’s advice to me is to change the narrative. Share your story,   and try to implement something that  could hopefully stop some of this so that it doesn’t happen again.

We can try.   One voice at a time, to  be Fearless.  Fearless AF.    Say it loud and proud!

I don’t want to me known as this person who was a part of his story.     I came forward to spark change.  I am tired of hearing horror stories about victims like my aunt or hear about  adults being cyber stalked and bullied. People shouldn’t be intimidated to anything they they won’t feel comfortable with.

I want people to know that it is ok to speak,  change is happening , change needs to happen. I want to help do that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hollywood actress, writer or if you work in a factory.   It’s staggering how many women and men are coming forward with horror stories. We are with you, we stand by you.  Please share your stories with me,  let’s start changing the tide together.


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