Miniature Horses!

Ooooh, horsies!  Who doesn’t love a little horse?  Now, I’m posting two videos this week, as both are from the same stable, just different stalls.  These are foaling stalls, but I’m not sure that they’re pregnant at this given time.  But, baby on board or not, they sure are cute!  Are you ready for your Five Fun Facts about little horses?  Here we go!

  1. Minis, as well as full-sized horses, foal 11 months after breeding, and the newborn mini foal only weighs about 20 pounds!
  2. Mini stallions don’t seem to know that they’re smaller than the other guys in the locker room; they’ll prance around challenging the big boys if the mood so strikes!
  3. Because of their small stature, minis are commonly used as therapy animals, and sometimes even guide horses for the visually challenged.
  4. Most horses are measured at the withers, whereas the size of a miniature horse is measured at the last hair of its mane.
  5. The life expectancy of a miniature horse is 25-30 years.

If only I had the space!  And the land!  And that pesky little thing called money haha.  Now then, on to the live foal cams!  This week’s videos are brought to you by Little Hooves, and don’t forget to check out their YouTube Channel!  Have a wonderful weekend, Y’all!




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