Not An Easy Post…My story.

I’ve been typing and deleting this post for a while.  I’ve been debating on writing it because I was scared that I was going to offend or hurt people who I genuinely like and care about.

But it needs to be said.

Like most people, I was very disturbed by what happened  in Charlottesville,VA last weekend.   In case you live under a rock, to make a long story short,  there were alt-right and neo nazi protestors who were there to protest the removal of a Robert E Lee statue.

Well all know what happened next.  There were counter-protesters and violence ensued including an Alt-right protestor who decided to run his car through a group of protestors injuring several but killing Heather Heyer.

Like everyone,  I watched the events unfold with my family and my 86-year-old aunt told me a story had never heard.   Before moving north, my aunt and mom lived with their other brothers and sisters and my late grandmother down south.

She told me that while they had a decent upbringing,  it wasn’t unheard of for them to see black men or women hanging from trees that they knew, or beaten or being told that they weren’t qualified for a job due to their skin color and even houses being burned down.

But the story that got to me the most was how she and her siblings had to run for their lives across the highway each day because  the KKK  would them run people down for fun as if people were pins in a bowling alley.

I cried for several hours after that. For me all of it was happening again.  It wasn’t supposed to.  People fought and were killed to ensure that we all had the same civil rights.

We can be better than this. We should be better than this.  We ARE  better than this.

So when the President blamed  both groups for the incident a few days ago,  I was just baffled.  Not that I was surprised by it, due to his other unhinged answers  but I think the for me was to blame  the late Heather Heyer for wanting to protect everyone’s civil and human rights was abhorrent.

She’s not here to defend herself and I assure you that if that were one his daughter’s (one of whom is Jewish) in Charlottesville that day that was killed, we would have heard something completely different.

Also, telling people that both sides were at fault and calling Neo Nazi’s good people  was not only hurtful to people of color, but to Jewish people  and other races who have also been hurt and killed in the past by these people.

This is my ongoing issue  with this president. You can disagree with Republican views and denounce these people without mocking and attacking personally.  He seems to do it frequently.   Other republicans denounced what happened as well as democrats.   Our former president did it.

But instead, this individual  defended and pacified these hate groups. After saying initially in a tweet that he thought both groups were wrong, he denounced the hate groups the next day in prepared comments under pressure.  In less than 24 hours later at a press conference for infrastructure,  he backtracked  and showed his true colors.


A president is supposed to be the man for ALL people. this man has always been for and about himself.   His attacks on women, “Grab them by the pussy?”, mocking presidential candidates Carly Fiorina’s looks during a debate,  his comments on African-Americans during Black History Month (Remember that Frederick Douglass snafu? The man thought he was still alive.)  and the transgender and muslim bans are in direct  violation of people’s civil and human rights.

Don’t get me started on the stuff he has said about Hillary Clinton.  It was more of the same that he did with Fiorina, Nancy O’ Dell, Megyn Kelly  and  countless other females.

Maybe it’s due to being raised by all females, but I was taught that females are just as capable as men.  We can run countries and businesses just as well and at times better than men .  My grandmother had  a business when she moved to New York  as a seamstress while taking care of six children. She would make school gowns, costumes, you name it, she could make it and did it successfully for decades.

She was also a divorced black woman which was a rare thing back then.  Grandma  is my heroine and to me she’s a badass to the 10th degree.  There isn’t a day when I don’t think of what she would have thought about all of this.  She taught all of us not to hate,  but to love all people despite the things she went though.  She was in her 90’s when she passed away. I miss her terribly.

To put down any person due to their gender or looks is vile.  Period.  .

He has personal issues with people who disagree with him. Like some petulant child with an agenda after being bullied  for years who now holds the keys to  the kingdom.  He is scary, drunk with power, sexist  and unintelligent.

I don’t normally get personal with politicians.  But this person has got to be the worst president we have ever had.

These organizers were not there to protest the removal of a  statue  .  They were there to cause harm.  If that were the case,  why bring all of these guns that are in this excellent piece by Vice News?

Statues like the Robert E Lee statue were in  erected between the end of the civil war  were built to instill and incite terror into African-Americans through Jim Crow laws. There weren’t built because to honor these men and women and during the civil rights era,  because the more people fought for equality for all, even more statues were built. I encourage everyone to read about this.

The statues are a reminder of terror that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.  The thought of being lynched, burned, tar and feathered due to one skin tone or beliefs makes my blood run cold.

Would you want a Swastika posted in Germany or a statue of Hitler staring at you after your grandparents escaped a concentration camp?

While I think these confederate statues and plaques are an important part of history, I think we should begin to remove them legally and move them into a museum where we all see and learn from the mistakes made. I think people should be taught the real reason why they were built in the first place.

A few days ago, there was a person I knew that said that organizer of the Charlottesville rally deserved empathy for what happened.

My answer is never. And why should we?.  These are  horrible people who want to cleanse the world of anyone who thinks or looks differently than they do.    They robbed of family of their daughter and the nation to go backwards. These individuals came with guns ready to kill and stated that before they were done, they would be more deaths.

So this was never about the removal of a statue…If you think that,  I worry about you.

We should be giving empathy to the Heyer family and to the injured people who were hurt and injured by that car and others who were hit with clubs that day.

Before I go, please click on this link  and listen to this lovely lady who spoke to CNN about surviving the Holocaust. Her story is a painful reminder of how history can and if we are not careful will repeat itself

I’m hopeful after this weekend. . The anti-hate protest in Boston was a step in the right direction. Black Lives Matter and counter protest groups hugged in solidarity.  We need to denounce and resist hate.  Not just by posting a sign on an instagram or a Facebook feed, but to tell our kids so that they don’t repeat what has happened.

Children learn to hate,  let’s teach them love and equality for all. Let’s change the tide and do better. Listen, learn and most of all…Remember.   xo





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