Oh My Glow! A Belated Christmas Gift To All Of You!

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.   Let’s face it,  we all  love to indulge this time of year and there is nothing wrong with that.

But like everyone, after Christmas and even into the New Year, my body  literally shuts down and calls it quits on anything sweet once the holidays are over.

Maybe it’s the former dancer in me,  but  I’ve always been a pretty active person.  Since,  I really don’t dance anymore,  I try to keep active by running and doing  yoga a few times a week along with eating healthy.

Along with those things,  I decided today to start decided to add shakes into my self-care regime.   This whole year for me, I have been on a quest being well both on the inside and on the outside.

So, what a better way to do that than to team up with   Oh My Glow Detox  as an ambassador and take their 14 day beauty blend.

Now, before I get the negative comments,  I want to say that this product so far tastes AMAZING and is very healthy and safe. This is not a tea nor is it a meal replacement.  You can put two teaspoons of it in water and in any number of things.    If you don’t want in shakes, use it in muffins,  breads, oatmeal  and even try it in your  morning smoothies.  It is gluten-free, vegan friendly and contains 10 superfoods like maca, acai berries and chia seeds.    It is also free of sugars and other additives that  tend to slow us all down during the day.


A day into it and I feel more focused and energized.   It is a beauty blend,  so it’s formulated  to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.   I was sold on the fact that this product is also CRUELTY -FREE.

I will be sharing my progress on my Instagram so make sure you are following me at this link:

As a thank you to all of you,  Both Oh My Glow Detox  and I are giving you a chance to try out  the  Beauty Blend,  use MICHELE10  at check out and get 10% off!  Also, tell me how the Beauty Blend is working for you!

I want to thank Oh My Glow Detox for sponsoring my post,  all of these opinions are honest and on my own.








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