Red Pandas!

This week’s edition of Weekend Wildlife Watch + Five Fun Facts is all about:  Red Pandas!  Why?  Because they’re flippin’ ADORABLE!  I love watching these playful little critters, they just always seem so happy and carefree.  So, here we go!

  1.  The Red Panda actually goes by any names:  lesser panda, cat-bear, bear-cat, Himalayan raccoon, fox bear and firefox.
  2. Red Pandas are NOT actually pandas at all!  They instead form their own phylogenetic family, much like  skunks and raccoons.
  3. They make a sound  that may be rather unexpected!  It’s more of a twittering sound than anything else.  You can hear it HERE.
  4. Red Pandas are only a little bit bigger than a house cat!
  5. Litter sizes are 1 to 4 cubs, but most often they give birth to twins.


Now, on to our videos!  This week has a video and a link to two more live videos, as I am only technologically advanced enough to have found one embed code at the source.  The source, by the way, is the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School.  Check them out and consider supporting!

See More videos at:—Red-Pandas



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