Senior Dogs!

This week, I’ve found a wonderful video of a sanctuary for senior dogs.  Dogs are just amazing, right?  Loving, loyal, they are just wonderful and truly woman’s best friend!  Eventually I hope to be able to adopt a senior dog, to give it a loving home for the rest of its days.  Now!  For 5 Fun Facts!

  1. In the song, “A Day in the Life” by the Beatles, it’s rumored that Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle, especially for his best fur friend.
  2. 62% of all American homes have have canine family members.  That’s a lot of pooches!
  3. In general, the more pointed and wolf-like a dog’s face is, the longer it’s lifespan is.
  4. Dogs have lived with man for over 14,000 years!
  5. Old dogs need love and homes, too!  Click HERE for some FAQs about adopting a senior dog.


On to the video!  The week our video comes from the Old Friends Senior Dog Gathering Room, and is powered by  Enjoy!



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