Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking.  “OMG this crazy lady thinks we want to watch SPIDERS?!”  Hakuna your tatas, lovies!  Let me explain.  This is October, the month for facing our fears and  making them our bishes, right?  I, as well as many, many others, have a healthy fear of arachnids.  In fact, the  only ones that don’t make me squeal and demand their immediate deaths are jumping spiders.  Those little guys are friendly, they eat all the bad things, and they’re kinda cute!  So, I went out of my way to find something that scared me for this week’s video, but also wanted something that wasn’t trying to be scary.  And, for the most part, I think I succeeded!  Spiders are extremely beneficial members of this world, and while our fear is warranted for some of them, I am  able  to admit that mine goes far beyond reasonable in the majority of cases.  This video was  really cool, and I actually enjoyed it!  I had to look away for Spider #7, and if you have a fairly bad case of arachnaphobia, I might suggest you STOP after number 2 has played, and avoid the last spider of the  video.  It’s not gonna make you feel better lol.  SO!  With no further ado, here are some random facts about our eight legged buddies in general.

  1.  Scientists have discovered 38,000 species of spiders, and are finding new ones everyday.
  2. While all spiders can weave silk, not all of them use it to spin webs.
  3. If you were to compare a strand of spider’s silk to the same size strand of steel, the silk would prove to be 5 times stronger.
  4. Sometimes, male spiders will present a dead fly as a gift to the female he is pursuing.  Now that’s romance!
  5. You’ve probably heard that humans swallow a number of spiders in their sleep, but guys.  It’s just not true!  Why in the world would a spider want to crawl into our mouths?  There, doesn’t that make you feel a bit better?

And now for the video.  This week, I didn’t find a live stream like I usually do, but I’m kind of glad.  I’m not sure watching a bunch of creepy crawlies would have been a very good idea, and think this one that I did find is much more informative and much less frightening!  Our video today is from a YouTube channel called Origins Explained, and it is definitely one of my new favorite things!  Enjoy!


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