Vampire Bats!

Happy Friday 13th!  I wracked my brain this week, wondering which animal would be best suited for this, the holiest of creepy days.  Black cats?  Fun, but not many videos.  Bats?  Hmm, not quite right, either.  Then, it hit me.  Vampire Bats!  Of course!  Now, the video is not as entertaining as some others that I’ve shared, but I find it oddly relaxing to watch the little flyers hang out and sleep during the day.  I love bats!  And now, Five Fun Facts!

  1.  Vampire bats don’t actually latch on and suck blood, despite common lore.  Rather, they make an incision with their teeth and lap at the blood for sustenance.  The only way they actually hurt their prey is if they happen to be rabid.
  2. A bat will DIE if it goes for 2 nights without feeding.  Poor babies!
  3. Vampire bats can run, walk, and even jump!
  4. The average lifespan of a vampire bat in the wild is 9 years.
  5. There are actually 3 species of Vampire Bats!  Desmodus rotundus (which is the most common variety), Diphylla ecaudata (the ones with hairy legs), and Diaemus youngi (the ones with white wings).  They are all closely related and lumped together in the subfamily, Desmodontinae.

Vampire Bats are actually quite gentle and social creatures, and can even be tamed!  One researcher even reported that bats even came to the names he had given them!

Now, for the video!  Today’s live feed is brought to you by Organization for Bat Conservation, powered again by  Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!

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