Welcome to this weeks edition of WWW + FFF!  This week, the kids and I have decided to watch elephants.  I love elephants!  They are beautiful, sensitive creatures, truly majestic.  So, how about we decompress from the ugliness that’s been in such abundance lately, and watch these lovely creatures after learning a few new things about them.

  1. An elephant can hear another elephant’s call from 5 miles away!
  2. You know how you’ve seen elephants throwing dirt and mud on themselves?  That’s their sunblock!  They can get sunburned, too.
  3. When Lawrence Anthony, known as the “Elephant Whisperer”, passed away, an entire herd of elephants mourned him after showing up to his home.
  4. The reason an elephant’s trunk is so strong and flexible is because of the large amount of muscle and tendons in it.  Estimated to be around 100,000!
  5. Studies have shown that, in 3D spaces, elephants are superior to us at keeping track of multiple objects.


The Following live feed is presented by African Animal Watch, powered once again by EXPLORE.ORG.  Enjoy!



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