Welcome to my very first #FabFridayPost…EVER

Welcome to my very first #FabFridayPost where I will pick two blogs that I really enjoyed this week and I hope you will too!

Since starting The Scoop By MV in Feb, I’ve been reading and enjoying a lot of blogs.   So when I found out about #FabFridayPost, I thought it was great for a several bloggers to get some recognition and to spread some love their way.

Enter Ethan and Evelyn with their fun blog and #FabFridayPosts !  Ethan and Evelyn have a really great lifestyle and family site that I urge everyone to check out!

So Each Friday,  I’ll be spotlighting a couple of them  for you so that you can follow, comment and we can all spread the love together! .

My first one is by Brittani Douglas ! I really loved her 15 Tips For Busy Moms on her Coffee and Chaos blog! !  I think everyone can relate and I’m have a feeling  there’s some tips a lot of us had no clue about!

My next one is from Amber Roshay’s post on Saving Lots of Money on Back To School Shopping on her Pen and Parent site . No lie she spent $23 dollars on supplies for her third grader!  I call that a complete win in my book and her tips like starting early and using reusable lunch containers are things we can all use whether you have a young child in school or if you are a student yourself.

On that note, come share your posts with us and how to be a part of #FabFridayPost

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