Why you should be using Charity Miles

I have always been an active person.

From the age of 6 to 18,  I took tap, ballet and jazz lessons.

I loved it so much that I considered a career in dance.  I studied during breaks from school and with my other dance peer entered dance competitions.

It was something that I think of fondly and made me such a strong advocate of the arts and the importance of being active.

Then I went to college and put on that Freshman ’20’.   Junk food and my food groups consisted of KFC,  Burger King and Taco Bell.

I had forgotten about working out. I thought I could get

Then, due to an car accident and an event that changed my life, my importance on being active is even more cemented in my DNA.

My mother had a severe heart attack 18 years ago.

In fact,  she went into code blue in front of me in the hospital.  To say it was the scariest moment of my life is an understatement.   My mom raised me as a single parent,  we did a ton of stuff together.

I wasn’t ready for her to leave this world yet.  I hadn’t gotten married or had kids.  I wanted her to see all of that .She deserved like very parent, to see their every milestone of her daughter’s  life.   And I wasn’t ready to give up on her.

Thankfully, she wasn’t ready to die back then and after some tests, it was in fact her second heart attack unbeknownst to us.

From that point on,  I am mindful of what stress i’m under,  the food I eat,  and my love and hate with working out.

After 18,  like so many people, I stopped dancing.  I went to the gym,  but it was occasion.

I got those aches and pains and due to my accident, weak back and neck muscles that needed to be strong.

So I began to add running to my workout regime.  I run 3-4 times a weeks about 3-3.5 miles at a time for about 45 min.

I now do yoga and I meditate (i’ll talk about that in a future post).

But since I run and have a need to give back, why not utilize something that could do both?

Enter Charity Miles!

Charity Miles is a free app that you can download either on Google Play or at the App Store for  IOS.

You can track the miles you do whether it’s running or walking (either indoors or outdoors)  and the miles you do each day, goes to a charity of your choice!

I chose the Girl Up campaign personally, but they have charities such as the Alzheimers Association, the ASCPA to the Special Olympics.

To see all the features, the list of charities that are participating  and for more info on the Charity Miles app, go to www.charitymiles.org

It’s fun to keep track of my progress like this and to give back!  What apps do you use to track your fitness? Let me know in the comments!










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