WWW + FFF #2

This week’s Weekend  Wildlife Watch goes to the raccoons!  I’m not gonna lie, y’all.  I effing LOVE those little bandits.  One came into the camp some of my family had one time, and stole a loaf of bread.  In its place, it left a bag of skittles that he had apparently stolen from someone else!  That.  Is.  ADORBS.  Also,  I know, I know.  I totally flaked last week, my baaaaad!  Forgive me?

So!  To go with our WWW, I’m now going to add in FFF: Five Fun Facts about our animal friend of the week!  With no further ado…

  1.  The raccoons scientific name is Procyon lotor.  That means “Washer Dog”!
  2. Mama raccoons will give birth to a litter of 3 or 4 coons, and their eyes don’t open until they’re around 20 days old.  And, they’re freaking adorable.
  3. Raccoons can run up to 15 miles per hour!
  4. They are a solitary creature.  Rather than living in families, they live alone (once the young are old enough), and hunt at night.
  5. And fun fact #5?  I WILL have one!  I have my hubby on the lookout for orphans, so that I can rescue and adopt one.

This video is not technically live now, BUT, it’s super cute and sure to cheer you up!  ENJOY!

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